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15 Card Proxy Vintage for a Tropical Island! Oct 16th, 1PM

15 Card Proxy Vintage for a Tropical Island! Oct 16th, 1PM

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*Masks will be required for this event and for the foreseeable future. Please understand this is for the safety of all the players. We thank you for understanding.*

Decklists WILL be required for this event! We will have them available to you at the store or you can download the sheet and fill it out beforehand via the link below.


Come join us for our first dip into the realm of Vintage! We will be allowing up to 15 proxies with each additional costing $1 which goes straight to the prize pool. Proxies must be easy to read and understand and should not just be the back of MTG card with a card name.


Event: Vintage 1k

Format: Swiss Vintage Top 8 cut

Registration: $40 Pre Reg / $50 Day of

Cap: 40

Guaranteed Prizes:

1st - Tropical Island!

2nd - 200 Credit!

3rd/4th - 100 Credit!

5th-8th - 12 packs of Modern Horizons 2!

Top 8 will be open decklists with play/draw determined by the higher seed.

*32 or fewer players will be 5 rounds cut to top 8. 33 or more players will be 6 rounds cut to top 8 and additional prizes will be added to the pool